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LinkedIn Outreach

What is LinkedIn Outreach?

LinkedIn Outreach is the process of connecting with and engaging target audiences through LinkedIn. This includes building relationships with account-based marketing contacts. By utilizing LinkedIn’s native features we can create a comprehensive outreach strategy to reach and engage with your desired audience. 

LinkedIn Outreach is especially helpful for companies looking to establish relationships with potential customers or partners. This type of outreach allows businesses to identify prospects and start conversations that may eventually lead to sales opportunities.

How Does LinkedIn Outreach Work?

There are two ways we can do LinkedIn outreach. We can reach out to your current connections so you can get to know them better. We can also reach out to new people so you can create new connections.

Reaching out to your current connections is when we reach out to people that you are already connected with on LinkedIn. We will log in to your LinkedIn account and pull all of your connections into a spreadsheet. We will then send you the list of names and have you go through them and fill in your connection with them. Once you have filled in your column, we will start outreach. We will reach out to a certain number of people each week, based on a previously agreed-upon number. We will update the spreadsheet as we go, updating how many times we have reached out to a person, if the person has sent a reply, or if the person has scheduled a meeting with you. We will be sending you weekly updates on how your outreach is going.

Reaching out to new connections is a little more complex. We will have you send us a criteria for the kind of people you want us to reach out to. Based on the criteria you give us, we will do searches and find people we think would make good connections. We will then add them to the spreadsheet and reach out to them. We will continue to update the spreadsheet with how many times we have reached out, if they have responded to the message, or if they scheduled a meeting with you. We will send weekly updates to you on how the outreach is going.

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Contact Information

Phone Number: (281) 845-9912